Company welfare is generally understood as the set of services and benefits provided by the company to its employees in order to improve their personal and working life through forms of support for study, training, parenting, healthcare, recommendations for leisure activities, and promotions of a commercial nature.

Within this context, ENAV designs numerous initiatives that are the result of a careful, strategic analysis of the needs of its people. In addition to having created a specific unit dedicated to the development of welfare policies, a socio-demographic analysis has also been conducted of employees aimed at highlighting the stratification of the workforce (through the use of indicators related to age, gender and income) in order to understand what welfare initiatives may be the most appropriate.

Of particular importance within the scope of social policies was the establishment of the Prevaer Supplemental Pension Fund, which calls for a contribution by the company of 3% of the salary of the participating employee in addition to the 2% paid by the employee.

In addition to this, there is the supplementary health insurance policy, paid for entirely by the company, which is particularly advantageous in terms of protections and coverage limits and is oriented to targeted prevention based on the gender and age of the employee. ENAV has also promoted various initiatives aimed at improving work-life balance for its employees. First and foremost is maternity or paternity leave, during which the company provides its employees with the full amount of their salary, thereby going beyond the provisions of current legislation. With regard to parental leave, it is possible to take up to 6 months’ leave up to the age of six of the child, receiving 80% of one’s salary for the first two months and 40% for the remaining four months (current legislation provides for 30% of one’s salary for the entire period of leave). Important support mechanisms for parents also concern paid leave in the event of child illness (specifically, the company grants partial compensation up to the first 30 days) and for the performance of specialist medical services.

During the year, the institution of “solidarity holidays” also continued, by virtue of which employees can assign a portion of their holidays to the benefit of co-workers who find themselves in particularly challenging family situations. ENAV has gone beyond the scope of the law regarding solidarity holidays, establishing that such solidarity initiatives can also be activated in favour of employees who, within their own families, need to assist a parent, spouse, companion, or adult child. In 2018, the community of workers responded pro-actively to the requests of colleagues in need, with 23 people willing to give up their holidays, for a total of 58 days donated.

In terms of supporting education and training, the company provides incentives not only to support the training of its employees, but also for the education and training of their children. Within this context, OPEN is an important project aimed at supporting the children of ENAV and Techno Sky employees enrolled in the last year of the secondary school in the selection of their university studies and in the construction of a professional, informed plan that is the best fit possible for their interests, attitudes and personality characteristics.

The project, aimed at supporting the process of choosing an academic and career path, is organised into two parts:

  • an initial phase of online tools for measuring cognitive potential (general, verbal, mathematical, perceptive and spatial skills) and questionnaires to assess interests and personality traits; during this phase, preferences regarding future university and/or career preferences or declared interests are also noted; 
  • a second phase dedicated to an individual feedback interview. The activity is structured around discussion of a report prepared on the basis of the answers provided in the first phase; the report is provided to and shared with the student. The purpose of the interview is to raise awareness about one’s areas of strength and development in order to gather information in support of an autonomous, informed academic/ professional choice. 

Also, during the year, in partnership with the Intercultura Foundation, support continued for the children of employees for international training through the provision of scholarships for annual and quarterly study trips abroad. Furthermore, with a view to engaging with internal stakeholders, surveys have been issued as an active listening tool aimed at establishing clear objectives that also take into account the needs and requests of employees, on the basis of which improvement plans and other new projects are defined and implemented.

Finally, by way of Time & Money Saving initiatives, ENAV annually renews agreements with partners of various types in order to provide numerous incentives and promotions concerning things such as: banking promotions; insurance policies; vehicle incentives; holiday deals; cultural events; mobility management; and fitness incentives.