During 2018, inspired by the principles of maximum fairness, impartiality and independence, as specified in the Group’s Code of Ethics, discussions with the trade unions worked toward the goal of supporting implementation of the new 2018-2022 Business Plan and managing renewal of the remuneration section of the national collective bargaining agreement.

With regard to implementation of the business plan, the first actions envisaged by the Group were taken during 2018. In view of the role of human capital and their financial impact, these activities led to disputes and union strikes during the year. In relation to renewal of the remuneration section of the national collective bargaining agreement, numerous implementation, clarification and planning meetings were held with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport beginning in the second half of 2018. In terms of strikes, in 2018 ENAV experienced 3 national strikes for a total of 16 hours, with an average participation rate of 49%.

These strikes were announced by the trade unions in conjunction with the negotiations that took place during the year for renewal of the remuneration section of the collective bargaining agreement.

The total of 2,295 employees were members of the union, representing 70% on the total workforce. The collection of data regarding the number of members is done on 31 December of each year. Memberships to or withdrawals from the union, requested by employees in writing, are collected monthly then processed and transmitted to the competent office that records the request. The data is then stored in special file cabinets in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the information.

It should also be noted that the collective bargaining agreement applies to 100% of ENAV employees.

With regard to labour grievances, in 2018 there were 11 new disputes brought against the Company concerning certain aspects of the employment relationship, such as demotion, unlawful redundancy, hiring practices, and salary differences. Of the total of cases concluded in 2018, 66% were resolved by rulings that were favourable to ENAV (64% in 2017), while out-of-court settlements were reached for 17% of them (13% in 2017). With regard to Techno Sky, during the year, thanks to the agreement signed on 26 October 2018, negotiations were successfully concluded for the transition of employees hired on the national bargaining agreement for engineering workers to that for air transport workers, in the specific complementary services section of the air transport agreement.

The general objectives pursued by Techno Sky are the maintenance of a good company climate through dialogue and meetings with the trade unions and the improvement of the management and productivity of the workforce. The actions taken to achieve these objectives consist in the development of collaborative, ongoing relationships in the form of specific meetings to illustrate organizational changes. Annual informative meetings are also held to discuss the business plan, the present and future activities of the company, financial performance, and the foreseeable trends in employment.

In 2018, at Techno Sky there were a total of 373 employees registered with the union, equal to 47.7% of the workforce, in line with the figure for 2017. In 2018, there was an increase in the number of national strikes, for a total of 4 days of strike, compared with the one strike that occurred in 2017. As a result, during the year the number of hours of strike increased to 76, for a worker participation level of 11%.

There was a significant reduction in the number of disputes with employees, for a total of 4 during 2018 (as opposed to 20 in 2017), due, in part, to the end of the collective dispute that involved 15 employees in 2017.

Finally, the number of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements of various levels is 782, equal to 100% of non-executive employees.

Senior managers (10) are covered exclusively by the collective bargaining agreement for the senior management of companies that produce goods and services. For ENAV and Techno Sky, significant organisational changes are communicated with appropriate advance notice as required by the national collective bargaining agreement.