In recent years, the Group has developed a sustainable process of internal communication through projects and actions aimed not only at informing but also, and above all, at engaging people in the organisational and strategic dynamics of the company through:

  • the involvement of all employees in the analysis of communication processes in order to create the conditions for the sharing of knowledge, of culture, and of values;
  • the use of internal communication as a lever in promoting individual engagement;
  • a vision of the company not as a closed system, but open to the countless interactions and repercussions with the environment that surrounds it;
  • online and off-line press, publishing, and social media 2.0;
  • the promotion of a perception of the internal communication tools as a fundamental part of telling the organisation’s story and creating a shared identity and culture.

By way of this strategy, internal communication aims to play an increasingly central role in the organisation and to build a system capable of ensuring the widespread and timely provision of information to each segment of the Group’s workforce.

In order to achieve these objectives, numerous tools have been provided, including:

  • the Group Intranet, “FollowMe”; 
  • the monthly house organ, “Cleared”;
  • the newsletter; 
  • video messages by senior management; 
  • the video tutorials in Motion Grafic supplemented by charts and graphs;
  • editorial products;
  • photography contests;
  • communication questionnaires for the assessment and satisfaction of employees.


The FollowMe portal is the main internal communication tool for the employees of the ENAV Group, through which it is possible to share corporate news, events and press reviews, while ensuring full compliance with the needs of the Company in terms of organisation, content and usability.

FollowMe is an integral part of ENAV’s Digital Workplace, a smart-working tool adopted by the Group to enable people to remain connected with their teams and working environment at all times. Based on a participatory communication model, the portal promotes the central importance of employees and their profiling while also providing them with a new information architecture based on dynamic, social content.

The intranet platform, inaugurated in 2018 in line with the Digital Strategy of the ENAV Group, stands as one of the technological foundations underlying Group communication. The portal has a dynamic, modular interface in which all tools can be reached with great simplicity and usability. To ensure greater accessibility of content and create a true corporate community, the intranet site can be reached remotely at any time, including from personal devices, and employees have the opportunity to express their appreciation for what is published or contribute to various discussion forums.

FollowMe has also been enhanced with the introduction of My Page, a space that employees can personalize based on their needs and the services they use most.


Cleared is the monthly magazine of the ENAV Group for information and training purposes and represents the first internal publishing project promoted by the Group. This magazine is open to contributions by all employees and aims to give visibility to the efforts of all company functions.

The magazine contains editorial content of importance to the Group, drawn up in collaboration with the various departments responsible for the subjects dealt with. Cleared is written by employees of Group companies and provides an overview of the world of air traffic management (ATM) and the evolution of platforms and projects connected to it, with a particular look into the programs and international contexts in which ENAV operates. This house organ is available in both print and digital formats, and the latest version has been enriched with video and photo galleries.

Since the creation of the publication since 2004, the Group has published over 150 editions of the magazine, and, after numerous modifications to its graphical appearance and content, it can now be said to have reached a level of maturity. Cleared today is a product that enhances the contribution and engagement of everyone in the Group and allows to spread the corporate culture and increase a sense of belonging among the employees.


e-Cle@red is the multimedia newsletter for employees of the ENAV Group that summarises the news of company life and provides updated information on topics of common interest and in-depth analysis.

Created in 2013 to offer new content in various formats, not just text based, the newsletter provides news, information, and documentation on activities, projects and company life, thereby contributing to spreading awareness of ATM issues thanks to insights that generate multimedia content viewable on the company’s and other websites.