Among the general principles listed in the Group’s Code of Ethics, there is the promotion of equality, according to which Group companies must operate in a manner that ensures equal opportunities while avoiding any discrimination based on political or religious views, trade union affiliation, race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, state of health, or any other private, personal characteristic.

Based on these considerations, it is evident that both the internal practices focusing on equal opportunities and on anti-discrimination practices are important values of the ENAV Group. Indeed, both these areas are seen as important factors in internal cohesion and contribute to the creation of a stimulating working environment. A heterogeneous workforce is seen as an asset capable of generating progress and improving performance.

In line with its commitment, ENAV has established an Equal Opportunities Committee, which, in collaboration with the Human Resources unit, engages in activities that are aimed at promoting a culture and policies of equality in the workplace, while also bringing attention and support to potential situations of discrimination that call for specific action. To accomplish this goal, the committee, in part by way of interaction with other Committees, stays abreast of new laws and regulations and of projects and initiatives concerning the issue with the aim of engaging the company and its employees in a process of building a culture of equality.

The Equal Opportunities Committee also acts as an intermediary with the Human Resources unit in the handling of reports from employees concerning problems of a personal or professional nature, with the aim of finding the best solution to these issues, while reconciling personal and business needs.

In order to best manage this crucial issue of equal opportunities in a more integrated manner, in 2018 the goal was set to issue a policy on diversity and equal opportunities (as also found in the sustainability plan) in 2019.

Meanwhile, numerous initiatives have been developed to promote a culture of equal opportunity. First and foremost, there is the adoption of a charter for equal opportunities and equality in the workplace, with which the Group has sought to make a practical contribution to the fight against all forms of discrimination in the workplace. By adopting this charter, the Group is committed to promoting diversity within the organization, including the definition of company policies aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes and preventing all forms of discrimination, in the awareness that the creation of an environment capable of ensuring equal opportunities for all and of recognising and enhancing the potential and skills of every individual is a fundamental factor in increasing the competitiveness and success of the company. The Group is also preparing to join the framework agreement signed by the European social partners concerning harassment and violence in the workplace, which is aimed at protecting against the sort of harassment that occurs when one or more individuals are repeatedly and deliberately mistreated, threatened and/or humiliated in the workplace.

The protection of diversity and equal opportunities is also achieved by way of the numerous training and information efforts promoted by the Group. Within this context, ENAV promotes the training of all employees on the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics with the goal of increasing awareness of the rules of coexistence and non-discrimination to be followed by all employees of Group. Furthermore, the e-learning course “Introduction to Equal Opportunities” has been available to employees for a number of years.