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Our contribution to the environment consists not only in the initiatives that benefit airlines, but also in activities carried out in partnership with Airport Operators, with which we maintain robust and productive relationships in order to improve our consumption and promote good practices.
Green taxiing and timeliness

In accordance with environmental protection regulations, we place special emphasis on promoting activities and processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible, leveraging standards and advanced technologies for the purposes of protecting the environment and using resources sustainably. 

Green taxiing systems, designed to make aircraft ground handling more efficient, allow to avoid unnecessary queues and reduce airplanes’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • operational efficiency (especially during departure sequences, thus reducing taxiing times as well as the congestion of aprons and taxiways)
  • reduced CO₂ emissions
  • improved on-time performance as a result of more efficient aircraft ground handling
Environment and local communities

In everything we do, we endeavour to consider essential environmental needs, including, among others, curbing energy use, managing waste, and protecting biodiversity, thus minimising the negative impact of our operations on the environment. To this end, ENAV has issued an environmental policy that sets out the guidelines, commitments and goals we intend to promote in order to improve our environmental performance and pursue sustainable development.


We assist airport operators, by offering them our expertise, in preserving the well-being of communities living near airports.


Reduced CO₂ emissions with green taxiing

Technological innovation

Technology plays a key role in our industry: we have state-of-the-art tools that are constantly kept up-to-date with the aviation industry and that allow to deliver increasingly efficient services to air traffic users while maintaining high safety standards. This is why we put investing in technological innovation and next-generation digital technology at the centre of our strategic growth plans, in line with the regulatory and development framework laid down by the Single European Sky programme.

Altogether, these innovations will generate significant impacts in terms of sustainability and enhancement of human capital, allowing us to retain our leadership among international service providers with respect to the quantity and quality of the service rendered.



investments in technology over the first 5 years under the business plan