The general definition of sustainable growth is “growth that is aimed at satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In this sense, sustainability provides firms with an opportunity to reflect on how to make their business survive in a constantly changing environment, with the goal of guaranteeing efficient and high-quality service and, if possible, improving such service in the medium and long term.

ENAV’s mission is to guarantee safe and punctual flights to the millions of passengers that fly in Italian skies and to contribute to the growth of national and European air transport with efficiency and innovation.

Safety for us is synonymous with sustainability: we invest in safety, we produce safety and above all, we guarantee safety. But not only. ENAV is a strategic company for Italy, one with great potential, made up of people and technologies of the highest level, and is responsible for controlling and managing nearly two million flights a year in Italian skies.

In carrying out its functions, ENAV has long been seen as a leader in Europe.In fact, it is considered one of the main suppliers of air navigation services in terms of the size of the air space it controls and the number of flights it assists, as well as in terms of investment in new technology and research and development.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and platforms, and to excellent professional training for its operational personnel, ENAV has developed innovative projects and has obtained high marks for the quality of its service. Some examples include: 

  • The Free Route project, which makes it possible for airlines to save time and fuel with enormous benefits for the environment thanks to the possibility of flying a direct route across Italian air space. In 2018, airlines saved 43 million kg of fuel, equal to 135 million kg of CO2.
  • Punctuality. ENAV is one of the best service providers in Europe in terms of safety and punctuality. In fact, according to international reports prepared by Eurocontrol, in 2018 ENAV reported only 0.024 minutes of delay in its Flight Services compared with the target of 0.11 minutes established by European regulators, registering the best performance among the main European countries.

In the future, a profound transformation is envisioned in Europe’s air transport system on account of a series of internal and external factors: a sharp increase in air transport at both national and international level; a change in the business model of all airlines, not only traditional carriers but low-cost carriers as well; and, most of all, sudden and unforeseen changes to the flow of air traffic. These factors are to be considered within a context of a highly regulated environment governed by a set of laws and rules mainly relating to the EC legislative framework on the Single European Sky, and which includes 5-year performance plans that are increasingly challenging, designed with four objectives in mind: safety, quality service, environment, and cost efficiency.

In order to proactively manage future scenarios, and in line with international technological advances in the sector, ENAV has developed a technical operational development plan in order to remain competitive at international level and to continue to be seen as a leader in innovative technology, consistent with the requirements of the Single European Sky.

The industrial plan outlines the Group’s strategies in terms of projects and investments and represents an important technological and operational change that allows for the management of air traffic in the medium and long term under a new organisational model and with improved performance, quality and competitiveness, all while continuing to ensure the highest level of safety at lower costs for airlines and, therefore, passengers.

As a result, ENAV will benefit from a simplified, more agile organisational structure and from more flexible procedures which will encourage both the professional growth of ENAV’s resources and more effective planning of its long-term investments,

ENAV’s dedication to looking ahead, to acting preventatively and to responding to the needs of its stakeholders are the very elements that drive it in its approach to sustainability, consistent with its approach in previous years that recognised, in its materiality analyses, that safety, security, service quality and qualified human resources are the most significant themes (also taking into account the changes involving the company and the economic and social context in which it operates).

Even within the context of sustainability, ENAV strives to look ahead. In fact, it has embarked upon a path that seeks to make corporate social responsibility something other than just a system of indicators needed for compliance purposes but also a new and complementary approach to the creation of value in the short and medium term.

As a result, the Sustainability Plan was developed, through which ENAV can communicate to its stakeholders its short and medium-term objectives.

The plan, which is inspired by the objectives of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is one of the central elements in the shifting of sustainability from regulatory compliance to value generator. The plan outlines a series of actions borne out of a preliminary analysis which focused on a variety of areas: an analysis of ENAV’s position with respect to the sustainability themes that are most significant to the Group, a study of the key issues in the sector, a survey of the market trends on the topic of sustainability, and guidelines on applicable best practices, taking account of the main expectations of the company’s stakeholders.

With regard to the three-year plan, which covers the period 2018-2020, some projects have already been completed or launched. Among these are the integration of those non-financial risks not already included within the ERM, the fine-tuning of the anti-corruption compliance program, the development of additional instruments which harness talent and the creation of teams of sustainability ambassadors.

The projects included in the sustainability plan will allow ENAV to make a significant step forward in the transition of sustainability from compliance requirement to value generator, the ultimate objective, in a not too distant future, and in integrated reporting, that is, the full integration of sustainability and corporate strategies.


ChairmanChief Excutive Officer