Our partnership with entities and institutions is intended to ensure safe, coordinated, and sustainable air traffic. We play a strategic role in all activities associated with the Single European Sky programme, in accordance with the goals set by the European Union. In addition, we are a full member of EUROCAE, which is responsible for standardising high-tech systems and equipment.
Standards and productivity

Delay Clearing Service (Enav, AdR, and ENAC), with the aim of identifying critical areas adopting a «no blame culture», guidelines and information campaigns to discourage excessive use of the “generic” delay code 89.

Protecting the interests of the civil aviation community.

Technological innovation and safety

Through the company D-Flight, we allow conventional air traffic to coexist with a new kind of traffic: the use of drones for an increasing number of services, including public ones, while maintaining the highest safety standards. To this end, we have entered into partnership agreements with ENAC to develop and implement an air traffic control system designed specifically for UAVs as well as to define how to provide services by developing a platform that ensures the safe handling of remote control aircraft.

The D-flight group operates according to three core values:

  •  Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Public value

Re-engineering industrial processes by using drones leads to highly positive impacts on a series of factors:

  • Environment: drones are highly environmentally-friendly vehicles that replace higher-impact and more polluting ones, which often run on diesel or petrol; therefore, they can further reduce CO2 emissions into the environment.
  • Occupational Hazard: using drones in the workplace would dramatically lower the risks associated with specific work environments, thus leading to increased safety and reliability and reducing accidents at work.
  • Public Value: using drones leads to highly positive impacts on issues of public interest; firstly, as far as employment is concerned, the industry will inevitably create new job opportunities over time; secondly, it will also make a positive contribution to gross domestic product, and therefore to the economy.