Fear to fly? No problem

The fear of flying is much more widespread than previously believed. It is a question of aerophobia which only in Italy affects 6 out of 10 people.

For this reason, ENAV, as part of its social responsibility initiatives, has signed a three-year agreement with the Provincial Health Authority of Palermo, the Municipality of Palermo, Gesap and the DAT airline.

It is a psychotherapeutic path for psychosomatic disorders related to flight phobia, also developed through the use of virtual therapy equipment that allows patients to virtually experience sensations, images and noises during the flight.

The Operations Center and South Marco Voli manager commented on the initiative: "ENAV is committed to ensuring the safety of passengers every day. It is our mission. For this reason, we are particularly pleased to join an awareness-raising initiative that affects millions of people in our country.

This protocol represents a great opportunity to make the passenger directly understand what happens behind a flight, how the Air Traffic Controllers operate inside the Towers, the high level of technologies used and the reliability of the whole system.

Knowledge is certainly the most valid antidote against fear ".