The ENAV Group was the first, among the 5 major European service providers, to implement Free Route Airspace (FRA) and, with it, completed the plan for the reorganisation of Italian airspace that started in 2014 and which ensures the achievement of maximum flight efficiency, thereby generating benefits for both airlines and the environment.

By “significant funding” we mean all funding capable of bringing benefits to ENAV and to the European Union, thereby helping to create a more sustainable European Community.

This sustainability is being pursued at the European level in part through an assessment, by various entities that provide funding, of the effects on society and the environment related to the project proposals presented by the various candidates.

ENAV is particularly attentive to these aspects, which are assessed from the preparation stage of each funding proposal. At this stage, all the preordained activities are put in place to assess the potential effects that the project, in the event of approval of the proposal, could have both on the environment and on society. These activities include examining and implementing European and Italian legislation as well as ensuring the faithful application of company procedures.