Group Profile

4 D-Flight is a company formed in November 2018 with its share capital fully subscribed by ENAV. Its purpose is to develop and deliver low-altitude air traffic management services for remotely piloted aircraft and all other types of aircraft that fall in the category of unmanned aerial vehicles. Consorzio Sicta, placed in voluntary liquidation by resolution of its shareholders’ meeting held on 3 March 2017 and effective as of 28 March 2017.

Safety and quality of service are the key words that inspire the ENAV culture, resulting in ENAV being recognised as one of the best service providers at international level. Its increasingly customer-oriented approach is also aimed at developing a strategy capable of generating constant value to the growth of air transport. The ENAV Group also includes the subsidiaries Techno Sky SRL, ENAV Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd and ENAV North Atlantic LLC. Thanks to these, in addition to providing air navigation services pursuant to the law and articles of association, the Company is able to guarantee the installation, maintenance and constant monitoring of flight assistance systems and related hardware and software, to develop and test new technologies, and to be present abroad with business consultancy activities and the provision of services on international markets. Specifically, Techno Sky, the logistics and maintenance company of the ENAV Group, ensures full, seamless operating efficiency and the availability of Italy’s ATC (Air Traffic Control) installations, systems and software products. It manages and maintains:




Weather Systems


Navigational Aid Systems


Area Control Centres


Telecommunication Centres


Radar Systems


Software systems under maintenance for a total number of 22,159 Air Traffic Management (ATM) applications in operation

Techno Sky operates through its network present throughout Italy in order to meet each technical, implementation and management requirement in an effective and prompt manner. As ENAV’s mission critical systems integrator, Techno Sky controls the full value chain, i.e. research and development, system engineering, design, ATM software development, weather system development, installation, integration, training, logistics, maintenance, calibration of measurement instruments, spare part management and repair management. Techno Sky has a wealth of knowledge, technologies and expertise gained over more than forty years of activity as a market leader in ATM systems at ENAV’s service. This has also been made possible through its partnerships with major global ATM, ICT, meteorological and security system manufacturers. It markets its own services and is also involved in the development of projects on behalf of Italian and international organisations (ATM providers, agencies, institutions and airport managing authorities).

ENAV Asia Pacific and ENAV North Atlantic, respectively established in 2013 and 2014, are based abroad. ENAV Asia Pacific (EAP) is wholly-owned by ENAV. It was established as a private company limited by shares with a head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March 2013. ENAV Asia Pacific provides air traffic control management and consultancy services, as part of its marketing and sales activity, as well as other essential air navigation services. ENAV’s committed presence in the region makes it a reliable partner for all local companies, organisations and institutions. ENAV Asia Pacific aims to build long-term relationships with its clients by meeting all their needs in a structured, efficient and effective manner. ENAV North Atlantic, also wholly-owned by ENAV, was established on 29 January 2014 as a limited liability company under US law. Its main objective is to manage ENAV’s investment in the share capital of Aireon LLC, a limited liability company established under US law whose corporate purpose is the provision of instrumental services for the surveillance of air navigation through a global satellite surveillance system.

ENAV is one of Aireon’s shareholders, holding a stake of about 11%, along with the service providers for Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark and its industrial partner, Iridium, owner of the satellite constellation. Note that ENAV North Atlantic, due to the activity it carries out, has no employees. ENAV also has a significant stake (16.6%) in the French company ESSP s.a.s. which provides the GPS satellite signal enhancement service called EGNOS. Together with ENAV, ESSP’s shareholders are six other major European air navigation service providers: DFS, DGAC-DSNA, ENAIRE, NATS, NAV-Portugal and Skyguide.