Air traffic control

ENAV provides air navigation assistance to all aircraft en route, whether for overflight or for landing at one of Italy’s airports, through the four Area Control Centres (ACC) of Roma, Milano, Padova, Brindisi; each has clearly defined airspace jurisdiction. In addition, it is responsible for air navigation services at 45 Italian civilian airports where it handles take-offs, landings and the ground movement of aircraft from its Control Towers.

Airspace design

ENAV is responsible for supervising the organisation of the airspace under its control through the design of flight procedures, both conventional and satellite navigational, and the definition of a system of routes appropriate for the fulfilment of the objectives of safety, capacity, environment, flight efficiency and cost containment.


Weather reports and forecasts of meteorological conditions are released in real time on international and telecommunications networks. Airport weather stations issue observational bulletins on an hourly or half-hourly basis and weather messages for the purposes of synoptic meteorology, in accordance with the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Aeronautical infotmation

ENAV provides aeronautical information services to pilots and flight crew by disseminating and updating information over the whole of Italy.
Essential aeronautical information for navigators is released through the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP), which is also available on ENAV’s website:

Flight Inspection

Thanks to its air fleet, ENAV guarantees the continuous monitoring of the national radio aids that provide the pilot with information about the exact position of the aircraft. The continuous verification of the accuracy of the radio electric signals make it possible to fly with the highest levels of safety.

Engineering and Maintenance

Planning, implementation and operation of the entire technological infrastructure necessary for flight assistance. The planning activities are integrated with standardisation and development processes at international level, and with numerous joint projects with other service providers. Techno Sky provides services related to the management and maintenance of air traffic control equipment and systems.

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation are centralised at European level within the SESAR programme (Single European Sky ATM Research). In close coordination with the European Commission, ENAV participates in multiple projects aimed at defining and verifying new operational concepts, technologies and systems, with the aim of improving the capacity and performance of the international system of air navigation services.


ENAV is the only company in Italy authorised to select, train and update the different professional profiles that operate in the civilian air traffic control services. ENAV Academy ensures a high-level of specialist training, providing both entry-level training and continuing professional education.