The human ability to overcome unforeseen challenges is key to doing our job well. This is why we put human capital front and centre, promoting talented individuals and making sure that they relentlessly improve their professional and technical skills in a collaborative and stimulating work environment that can enhance the potential of each person and make the most of the different professional profiles.

We always put human capital front and centre. For us, people's knowledge and expertise is one of the key factors to maintaining world-class standards of safety, operational capacity, economic efficiency and environmental impact. Having talented individuals and offering them continuous training is essential to us.


People's knowledge and expertise is one of the key factors to maintaining world-class standards of safety, operational capacity, economic efficiency and environmental impact. We are committed to attracting talented individuals and offering them continuous training in order to foster their potential.


Operational training is at the core of our strategic decisions, allowing us to rank among the top international service providers with respect to the quantity and quality of the service rendered. First and foremost, the purpose of operational training is to ensure safety and maximise operational efficiency. Operational staff systematically participate in initiatives to develop and consolidate their technical and non-technical skills through training activities involving simulation and on-the-job training.


Maintaining and operating air traffic control systems requires certifying the skills of technical and engineering staff in accordance with the relevant international standards. Members of ATSEP (Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel) participate in continuous training programmes that enable them to deliver an effective and safe service.


For us, promoting the constant improvement of our employees’ knowledge, expertise and technical skills is key to supporting the Group's continued growth and to responding to future technological and business developments.

We endeavour to provide management and specialist training, considering the role of each individual inside the company and the new challenges posed by the market: integrated project management (PMI model), improving and maintaining English language skills, enhancing communication techniques, providing regulatory updates on the Italian public procurement code to Service Centre personnel, launching a coaching programme, and developing the skills of new hires in general in order to facilitate their introduction into the world of ENAV.


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Company culture and dedicated projects

For us, it is paramount to build awareness among the people working at the company about the need to implement change in order to generate value for customers, shareholders and individuals. We need increasingly motivated and skilled people who are capable of working independently and taking the initiative, are passionate about their job and can collaborate as part of integrated teams.

In order to promote the integrated project management model

  • we offer specific courses in preparation for the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam for Project Managers, with personnel from the Audit, Operations and Technology Departments involved in Project Management training initiatives
  • we set up a process to periodically review middle management skills and subsequently define appropriate development strategies: these include conducting assessments, training new managers and coaching resources with potential for growth

ENAV's company welfare schemes are based on the premise that they must work to the long-term benefit of employees, creating a clear separation from the so-called fringe benefits.

In this sense, we attach particular importance to the services associated with the Occupational Pension Scheme as well as Medical and Health Care.

  • Medical and Health Care: our health insurance policy, which is entirely paid for by the company, is especially convenient in terms of both coverage limits as well as the inclusion of dental care and, starting from this year, a full work-up.
  • Occupational Pension Scheme: each employee pays 2% of their salary into the Prevaer fund, while the company makes a 3% contribution.

Special emphasis is placed on work-life balance. Key initiatives in this regard include:

  • Annual leave donations
  • Women's parking spaces
  • Authorised part-time for employees
  • Several Job Postings
  • Paperless project
  • The mandatory maternity leave is paid at 100% (compared to the 80% paid by the Italian Social Security Institute)
  • Parental leave is paid at 80% for the first 2 months and 40% for the remaining 4 months during the first three years of the child's life (the Italian Social Security Institute pays only 30%)
  • Sick child leave is paid at 50% for the first 30 days (whereas it is unpaid under Italian law).

With respect to supporting learning and education, the following stand out:

  • The OPEN - Academic/Professional Orientation project, intended to support the children of the Group's employees who are attending the final year of upper secondary school in selecting a university programme and making informed decisions about building a professional career aligned as much as possible with their interests. The first edition was held in 2017.
  • Intercultura: international education opportunities for children of the Group's employees, offered in partnership with the Intercultura Foundation. Since 2011, ENAV has been supporting cultural exchange programmes for secondary school students, providing the children of employees with scholarships to study abroad for annual, quarterly or monthly periods (employees contribute 15% - 20%).

Finally, ENAV pursues Time & Money Saving initiatives, renewing agreements with different kinds of partners on an annual basis. Employees have access to special offers with respect to: banking and insurance discounts, insurance policies, discounts on cars, holidays, culture, mobility management and fitness.