Covid emergency: ENAV invests in people

In a moment of great uncertainly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has translated into a collapse in air traffic (about 90% less than flights), ENAV has chosen to continue investing in corporate social responsibility, to help those who daily fights in the front line against the virus and at the same time to guarantee the continuity of the service, to give security to people, to strengthen the sense of community among all Group employees and to look to the future.

Employee protection
Despite the heavy decrease in air traffic, which has greatly reduced the flows of traffic to be managed(Controlled), ENAV protects its employees by guaranteeing them the full perception of the remuneration for the operational activities carried out at the plants, the activities carried out remotely through agile work and the use of previous holidays.

Continuity of the service
To ensure the continuity of the strategic service carried out by ENAV, and to avoid the occurrence of possible cases of Covid 19 among the controllers, a contingency plan was established based on isolated staff shifts to prevent them from coming into contact with each other. All the controllers in service have been equipped with protective masks, wipes and sanitizing gels and the workstations are spaced in such a way as to fully comply with the indications on the minimum distance prescribed by the DPCM in force and by the Italian sanity institute. Furthermore, the cleaning operations of the operating rooms and related instruments were further enhanced. The activities of non-operating personnel are almost entirely carried out in smart work at their homes.

The Company has made the IT tools available to a large part of the administrative staff, both portable PCs and protected access software to company applications, in order to operate in remote working, in conditions of absolute effectiveness.
Agreements have been activated with Supermarkets and Pharmacies throughout the national territory, for the home delivery of food and medicines.
Through the "#iorestoacasa #distantimauniti" project, online communities have been launched among employees (cooking, hobbies and sports, books, music, films and quizzes) to keep the human relationship between colleagues alive.

Social responsability
With the intent to provide concrete help to those who fight to save lives and, at the same time, to help stop the development of the pandemic as soon as possible, ENAV has made a donation of 150 thousand euros to the National Institute for Infectious Diseases "Lazzaro Spallanzani" and 150 thousand euros to the Civil Protection. At the same time, a fundraising project was launched/started among the employees with the aim to be donated to the Civil Protection.

Investments and sustainable development
Despite the moment of strong uncertainty, ENAV continues to look to the future by continuing with its investment plan in technology and training its people to be ready to make their full contribution when the traffic starts again. The purchase of 10 zero-emission service cars is a first step in the path taken by ENAV to ensure long-term business sustainability.