ENAV invests heavily to ensure that assets supporting air traffic management services in the national territory are consistent with the objectives of technical, financial and performance requirements, and that they comply with quality and performance standards established at national and international levels.

In line with technological changes that are occurring internationally in the sector, ENAV has crafted a technical operations development plan with the aim of remaining competitive on an international stage and maintaining its leadership in technological innovation, in keeping with the Single European Sky requirements.

The business plan envisages investment in innovative technological platforms and systems for air traffic control for the 2018-2022 period in order to maintain high levels of performance and to ensure maximum safety.

On the basis of the development strategies, having as their primary objective the support of air traffic management services in the national territory, in 2018 the ENAV Group invested €113 million in infrastructure (out of total investment of €116.9 million) through implementation and maintenance projects for operational technological infrastructures, evolution of the ATM technology platform with new operational concepts, infrastructure, equipment and management information systems.

During the year investments were made to carry out numerous projects, including:

  • development of the new ATM platform (4-Flight) for automating the Italian Area Control Centres in order to replace those currently in operation and that incorporates the flight data processor Coflight as a base component;
  • reinforcing the Olbia and Alghero APP service at the Roma ACC;
  • activation of the Data Link system at the Group’s 4 ACCs, through which Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) at the national ACCs has been introduced;
  • activation of a new SMR system and airport tracker at Milano Linate airport;
  • upgrading of communication and navigation systems connected with transit through the military airports covered by ENAV;
  • upgrading and implementation of routing and airport radio aid;
  • upgrading of airport weather observation systems in accordance with the latest ICAO/WMO standards;
  • construction of the new Technical Block at the Genova airport;
  • extension of the free route flight level to 305;
  • completion of the new building at the Academy in Forlì;
  • completion of Service Centre 2 at the Roma Area Control Centre.

The main projects

Some of the main projects are:

  • the Data Link Project, enabling ground-air-ground connectivity without the use of verbal or radio communication, will be implemented at all control centres;
  • the Medium-Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) system, capable of supporting air traffic control in detecting possible traffic conflicts many minutes in advance, making it possible to re-plan flight trajectories in adequate time;
  • the new 4-Flight system, a new-generation operational platform that will be implemented following a new approach to development and maintenance;
  • the new E-NET 2 network with multiprotocol label switching technology, capable of making data transmissions faster and more secure. This infrastructure forms part of the foundation for the establishment of remote Control Towers.