Given the objectives established by the European Commission with the creation of the Single European Sky, and the consequent requirement to define a common view on the modernisation of the air traffic management system, ENAV has taken on a strategic role in all Single European Sky activities.

ENAV’s attention to the civil aviation community not only takes the form of the air traffic control services it offers, but also active collaboration with and participation in national and international bodies and institutions.

At national level, ENAV coordinates its activity with the relevant ministries (Ministry for the Economy and Finance and Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) and with ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), which is responsible for the technical regulation, certification, control and supervision of civil aviation in Italy.

In Europe, ENAV is party to a number of cooperation agreements, and is actively involved in partnerships and multilateral programmes; it also plays a key role in the Single European Sky initiatives promoted by the European Commission, EASA, Eurocontrol and other European bodies and organisations. At international level, both globally and regionally, it is also engaged in a number of important activities within the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO). To better understand the key role of these industry associations, it is worth specifying that:

  • ICAO is an autonomous agency of the United Nations which aims to define the principles and techniques of international air navigation, routes and airports and to promote the design and development of international air transport, in order to make it safer and more efficient;
  • CANSO is the association of air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and represents their interests. The ANSP members of CANSO manage over 85% of world air traffic and through its working groups, its members share information and develop new policies, with the aim of improving air navigation services. ENAV is a member of CANSO and participates in its governance and technical activities;
  • EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency, a control body that defines the highest common safety levels for the civil aviation sector of the European Union;
  • Eurocontrol is an intergovernmental organisation, the main purpose of which is to support the development and maintenance of an efficient air traffic control system at European level. To achieve this, it provides support to the national civil aviation authorities, the ANSPs and civilian and military airspace users, the industrial sector, professional organisations and the relevant European institutions.
    It also holds the important role of Network Manager assigned to it by the European Commission in 2011.

ENAV is full member of EUROCAE, an organisation which is responsible for the standardisation activities of highly advanced technological systems and participates in its governance through the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting. ENAV is very active in the thematic working groups that are of particular interest to the Company, such as those related to new technologies, including remote towers, drones, and airport and satellite surveillance. 

Given the objectives established by the European Commission with the creation of the Single European Sky, and the consequent requirement to define a common view on the modernisation of the air traffic management system, ENAV has taken on a strategic role in all Single European Sky activities, such as: the Functional Airspace Block BLUE MED (whose members include Cyprus, Greece and Malta in addition to Italy), the European Network Manager and, participating directly as a full member, the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) and the SESAR Deployment Manager.

The SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) is the public-private partnership established in 2008 and renewed in 2016 for the deployment of the SESAR European Research and Development Programme (Single European Sky ATM Research) with an activity time horizon of 2024.

The entire aviation community is represented in the SJU partnership, confirming the significant modernisation process that is underway:
Eurocontrol and the European Commission as founding members and 19 Full Members (including ENAV) representing the entire European ATM industry, for a total of more than 110 companies and 3,000 experts involved in SESAR projects. ENAV has been an SJU member since August 2009 and has played a leading role in all of SJU’s design and governance activities, contributing with its own resources to driving the change and modernisation processes of the European ATM system.

For ENAV, membership in the SESAR Joint Undertaking not only represents a confirmation of its authority in the ATM field at European level but also provides a valuable opportunity to directly participate in guiding the direction of strategic choices related to the design, development and management of new-generation ATM systems, thus safeguarding the significant investments already made to guarantee a cutting-edge service to its international and national community of users.

The SESAR Deployment Manager was established by the European Commission with the task of synchronising and harmonising, at European level, the implementation of ATM systems and procedures.

ENAV plays a major role within the A6 Alliance formed by the leading European ANSPs. Its aim is to guide the modernisation of the European ATM network in line with SESAR’s objectives, for the benefit of airspace users. The A6 Alliance partners, united by a Memorandum of Cooperation, are full members of the SJU and their primary role is to represent the interests of the ATM industry and to implement SESARdefined technologies and concepts.

The A6 actively participates in SESAR-related programmes, concentrating its activities on the operational deployment of technologies that were defined in SESAR 1. The A6 Alliance is part of the governing bodies of the SESAR Deployment Alliance (SDA), the legal entity established under Belgian law to handle the Deployment Manager programme, which became operational on 1 January 2018. Moreover, the A6 has expanded its partnership with the addition of the Swiss provider Skyguide through a consortium with Operations, for activities in the SESAR 2020 framework. ENAV participates in the A6 activities in governing groups and in technical working groups, contributing with its experts to the process of modernising the European ATM infrastructure. In 2018 the A6 Alliance also began to collaborate with Eurocontrol to develop the SES Digital Backbone to underpin the shared data exchange infrastructure. Finally, during the year, ENAV confirmed and strengthened its commitment to supporting the objective of A6 Alliance to contribute proactively to the process of modernising the European ATM infrastructure through the appointment of Roberta Neri, CEO of ENAV, as the alliance’s chairperson; her appointment was recently extended to the end of 2019. ENAV also coordinates the FAB BLUE MED project, aimed at creating a Functional Airspace Block in the centre/south-east of the Mediterranean, with the primary involvement of EU States (Cyprus, Greece and Malta as well as Italy) and non-EU countries, such as Albania, Tunisia and Egypt, and promoting the involvement of other countries in the area such as Israel and FYROM.

ENAV is therefore a standing member of some of the most important international organisations and initiatives. This allows it to play an active role in their governance, also through participation in meetings and shareholders’ meetings. ENAV holds the chairmanships of many important decision- making bodies and working groups (especially in the context of A6, ICAO, Eurocontrol and CANSO) which, on matters of direct interest for air traffic control, allows it to pursue those company values which, as mentioned, tend first and foremost to protect the interests of the civil aviation community. For the period covered by this analysis, the year 2018, the following initiatives were carried out by ENAV in the aforementioned organisations:

ESSPProvision was made and continues of the EGNOS satellite navigation service.
AIREONThe set-up for the satellite surveillance infrastructure has been initiated and is under way, with the operational launch of the service on the horizon. As part of this, ENAV, which hosts at its Roma Ciampino Technical Centre one of the first Aireon Service Delivery Points (SDP), validates data and contributes to the certification process.
SESAR JUThe activities envisaged in the SESAR framework have been deployed. In particular, in 2018 the SESAR1 activities were strengthened further. This is the first series of coordinated R&D activities at a European level. ENAV participated in a series of exercises that demonstrated the feasibility of innovative operational concepts within the main domains of air traffic control: at airport level, during the approach phase and during overflight. These activities are now included in the in the “SESAR Solutions” catalogue, reading for implementation at the local or European-wide level. In addition, project activities are under way in the SESAR2020 activity framework. These will prove the practicality of innovative strategic technologies and concepts for ENAV, and will introduce important improvements (economic, safety, and environmental) for the benefit of the civil aviation community. The ENAV Group is involved in carrying out more than 20 validations, of which 14 were completed in 2017 and in 2018. The contract negotiation stage of the second phase of the programme (Wave 2) is under way, with the programme expected to begin near the end of 2019.
SESAR DMThe project activities envisaged in the European deployment programme have been initiated and are under way. At present SDM coordinates 350 projects, of which more than 100 were completed, substantially benefitting performance. It is estimated that the 350 projects, once completed, will result in more than 7 million tonnes less CO2 thanks to more efficient flights, and an improvement in network capacity with over 300 million fewer minutes of ATFM delay. In particular, ENAV is carrying out 30 implementation projects that have recently been put into operation, bringing significant benefits to the civil aviation community, in terms of punctuality, improvement of airline performance, as well as important improvements for passengers, in terms of cost reduction, environmental sustainability and safety.
A6The A6 Alliance has coordinated the activities of the main European ANSPs on the key topics involving the European traffic management system. More specifically, in 2018 ENAV coordinated with Eurocontrol to develop an infrastructure to support shared data exchange.
ICAOIn 2018 ENAV chaired the ICAO’s largest decision-making body in Europe, which encompasses 56 member states, including the Russian Federation and those located in Eurasia and in North Africa.