ENAV developed new marketing communication strategies to strengthen its image and promote the Group’s products and services in new markets.

Several years, the Group launched a number of actions designed to renew the corporate image and increase the image of its brand with stakeholders, shareholders and the general public, both national and international. These activities led to a general renewal of corporate identity through the launch of new logos: “ENAV Middle East”, “D-Flight” and “Sustainability ENAV”.

In particular, a number of projects were carried out to enhance the Group’s institutional, commercial and international activities, leading to the launch of a variety of digital communication campaigns, the release of publications and multimedia products and the development of advertising. During the year, the Group was also involved in organising events on the most important issues for the sector, including conducting guided visits of facilities for national and international delegations.

To further advance its commercial offerings, ENAV developed new marketing communication strategies to strengthen its image and promote the Group’s products and services in new markets, particularly the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Libya. Promotional activities centred around the new company specialising in air traffic control for drones, D-Flight, for which ENAV’s Brand Management developed a communications campaign to spread information about the new company in the relevant institutional and commercial markets.

In further support of its communications activities, ENAV took part is numerous national and international exhibitions and events, including the World ATM Congress in Madrid, the IFIS International Flight Inspection Symposium in Monterey, the ATC Forum in Dubai, the Met World EXPO in Amsterdam and the Meteorology Festival in Rovereto. The first national conference on “Air transport: flying for the country’s development”, proved  to be an enormous success; it focused on the topics of air traffic control, passenger services, aerospace design and construction and, finally, strategic activities that make the air travel sector one of the cornerstones for Italy’s development. The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport and all the major representatives of sector institutions and industries were among the attendees.

On the international front, a number of activities were pursued to enhance ENAV’s role in decision-making and institutional settings with a significant strategic or operational impact on it, including with the European Commission, CANSO, ATCA, Eurocontrol, SESAR, A6, COFLIGHT, AIREON, ESSP, RACOON, BLUEMED and BLUEGNSS. Of these, the “CANSO – SSC Collaborative Safety Workgroup Meetings 2018”, sponsored by CANSO and organised by ENAV, during which the major international providers discussed the critical issue of safety, was particularly important. 

Finally, an important development in the area of web communication was the creation of a new platform dedicated entirely to sustainability (https://sostenibilità.enav.it/en).

The www.enav.it website was also highly successful in terms of consultation, with 1,684,546 page views and 419,258 visitors during the year. Finally, ENAV’s YouTube channel was unveiled, with more than 300 videos, 1,187 subscribers and over 211,000 views.


Institutional, commercial and international activities were also enhanced during the year through the release of 34 new publications, including ENAV’s “SafeBull”, devoted to the issue of safety.

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