ENAV is Europe’s leader in punctuality among the main ANSPs (0.024 minutes of delay ATFM allocated en route).

The ENAV Group’s most significant contribution to the community is inherent in its mission: to guarantee maximum safety and punctuality to the millions of passengers flying in Italian skies, thus contributing to the growth of domestic and international air transport through an increasingly customer-oriented strategy.

Our direct customers are the airlines, but indirectly our customers are all the passengers, the airports, the companies that manage the air transport supply chain and, since 2016, also the private shareholders who have become part of the stakeholders by virtue of the Company’s stock market listing.

ENAV, for example, is Europe’s leader in punctuality among the main ANSPs1 (0.024 minutes of delay ATFM allocated en route) and this contributes not only to a savings in fuel and consequently emissions for the airlines but also to the reduction of waiting for passenger embarkation. The community to which ENAV refers is therefore particularly heterogeneous, and the activities developed for the benefit of it, despite having safety as its fulcrum, are delivered through various initiatives that are described below.

1 The main ANSPs in Europe are: Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.