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Reducing the environmental impacts generated by airlines, combined with ensuring safety and timeliness, makes ENAV a company that finds its raison d’être in sustainability and its commitment to the public interest. For years now, we have been supporting the environment in order to keep up with international guidelines; we have implemented new initiatives aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.
We maintain a constant, direct, transparent, and timely dialogue with the financial community across all communication channels. We are committed to ensuring shareholders that the company will operate according to a long-term growth strategy and vision, reconciling business goals and sustainability.
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Our contribution to the environment consists not only in the initiatives that benefit airlines, but also in activities carried out in partnership with Airport Operators, with which we maintain robust and productive relationships in order to improve our consumption and promote good practices.
Our partnership with entities and institutions is intended to ensure safe, coordinated, and sustainable air traffic. We play a strategic role in all activities associated with the Single European Sky programme, in accordance with the goals set by the European Union. In addition, we are a full member of EUROCAE, which is responsible for standardising high-tech systems and equipment.
We maintain stable and lasting relationships with our suppliers; our guiding principle is to always respect the environment as well as promote practices and initiatives with a responsible environmental impact. Therefore, when selecting suppliers and executing contracts we focus on the need to reduce the environmental impacts of goods, services and works (as well as the impacts the Green Procurement policy may have on internal stakeholders and throughout supply chains).
The human ability to overcome unforeseen challenges is key to doing our job well. This is why we put human capital front and centre, promoting talented individuals and making sure that they relentlessly improve their professional and technical skills in a collaborative and stimulating work environment that can enhance the potential of each person and make the most of the different professional profiles.

The Sustainability Plan

The development of any strategy, action plan or policy that regards corporate sustainability cannot ignore the 17 goals set by the United Nations. ENAV, too, has taken them as its starting point and has connected them to each action that it takes directly or indirectly in furtherance of its own sustainability.
To better plan its actions and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ENAV Group has developed a three-year sustainability plan (2018-2020) that, building on materiality analysis and ideas that emerged in the course of stakeholder engagement (in addition to analysis of market trends as they relate to sustainability and the indications of the major best practices in the area), has identified 5 Assets.


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